How Porcelain Veneers Enhance Smiles

By Atwal Dental Care
March 12, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Your ideal smile awaits! What are you waiting for?

Do you feel like everyone notices that gap between your front teeth, or do you hate that smoking has left you with stubborn stains that Veneereven teeth whitening can’t fully remove? There are a lot of cosmetic flaws that can affect our smiles, but luckily, there is hope. Your North Syracuse, NY, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Inderpreet Atwal, can use porcelain veneers to rejuvenate your smile and give you the great look that you deserve!


What Dental Veneers Can Do for Your Smile

Veneers are made from medical-grade porcelain that is bonded to the front of your teeth to enhance and change the overall look of your teeth. If you’ve ever wished that your smile were more even, straighter, or whiter, then dental veneers could offer you the results you’ve been looking for!

Porcelain veneers can mask a whole host of cosmetic blemishes. If you have discolorations that don’t respond to teeth whitening, then veneers may be the best approach to hiding these stains and acquiring a whiter smile.

Veneers can also be used to cover chips, cracks, and other imperfections that affect the overall symmetry and shape of your smile. If teeth have been worn down or misshapen, veneers can also easily lengthen teeth for a more uninformed and even smile.

If you have small gaps between teeth or slightly crooked/misaligned teeth, veneers can actually cover these problem areas as well and make your smile appear straighter without the need of braces.


The Benefits of Dental Veneers

There is a reason why dental veneers are one of the most popular restorations that our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Atwal, places at his North Syracuse office. After all, veneers offer an effective way to completely boost your smile’s appearance. Some other benefits include,

  • A fast treatment time: Most patients can get veneers in as little as three weeks, from consultation to final fitting.
  • A boost in self-esteem: When you have a beautiful smile it’s amazing how quickly you’ll feel more confident. You’ll love your new smile and you won’t want to wait to show it off.
  • Covering for a variety of imperfections: Veneers are amazingly versatile and can be used to mask countless flaws in your smile. If you are dealing with more widespread issues then veneers may be the easiest way to improve your smile while hiding these aesthetic issues.


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