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By Atwal Dental Care
May 04, 2017
Category: Dental Care
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Taking care of your children's teeth isn't just about supervising their brushing and flossing habits at home. Even the most diligent oral hygiene routine needs to be bolstered by regular trips to the dentist, and this is especially true for children. At Atwal Dental Care in North Syracuse, NY, Dr. Inderpreet Atwal and his staff believe in keeping their youngest patients' dental health on the right track by providing preventive care as part of their children's dentistry program.

What is preventive care?

Regular visits to your North Syracuse dentist will include several aspects of preventive care, all aimed at keeping your children's teeth and gums healthy and preparing them for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Fluoride applications and dental sealants can prevent tooth decay, while cleanings, X-rays and exams can alert Dr. Atwal and his staff to any developing problems before they become difficult to treat. Anything that prevents your child from experiencing a dental emergency could be considered preventive.

Why is preventive care so important?

There are several reasons why your North Syracuse children's dentist recommends preventive care. First, a study by the CDC in 2009 found that parents who take advantage of the preventive care available from their dentist spend less money on dental procedures than those whose children don't see their dentist regularly. Keeping your child's baby teeth healthy is also directly related to how their permanent teeth will function, so establishing the importance of visiting a dentist is vital to the future of their dental health. Finally, your child can learn proper brushing and flossing practices directly from dental professionals, making the most of their dental care at home.

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