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You never thought you'd lose a tooth. However, a fall irreparably damaged a front tooth, and now you must fill that smile gap. At Atwal Dental Care in North Syracuse, NY, Dr. Inderpreet Atwal places amazing dental implants that counter the terrible effects of tooth loss. Look and feel as though that accident never happened with the help of beautiful dental implants!

What happens when you lose a tooth

Whatever the circumstances behind your smile gap, you need to fix it. If you don't, here's what happens:

  • An ugly, embarrassing smile gap
  • Compromised alignment and strength of remaining teeth
  • Poor biting, chewing, and speech
  • Reduced digestive abilities
  • Degraded gum tissue and supporting jaw bone

More extensive tooth loss multiplies all of these problems, making you look and feel much older than your true age.

Enter: dental implant restorations

At his North Syracuse, NY, practice, Dr. Inderpreet Atwal and his team evaluate patients for dental implant placement. Truly, they are today's best tooth-replacement choice, and here's why.

A single-tooth implant consists of a titanium root placed into the jaw bone. Usually, it is shaped like a screw with a roughened surface. Human bone bonds to titanium better than any other biocompatible metal. Add the bumpy, threaded surface, and the new implant adheres right to the empty tooth socket. This bonding action is called osseointegration.

Once Dr. Atwal determines the implant is well-integrated, he places a post and porcelain crown on the implant, finishing your brand-new tooth. As you use the tooth, it will become even stronger, lasting decades, and possibly even for life, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA).

Better than other tooth replacements

While conventional bridgework and dentures are viable choices, dental implants meet or exceed patient expectations. Why? Dental implants:

  • Stay in place—only your dentist can remove them.
  • Are as easy as natural teeth to brush and floss.
  • Maintain your jaw bone and gums, give you natural biting and chewing.
  • Make your speech clear and natural-sounding.
  • Are very versatile as they replace single teeth or support partial/full dentures.
  • Never slip or change position.

Such a beautiful smile

You can retrieve your looks and oral health with dental implants. At Atwal Dental Care, Dr. Atwal and his team will evaluate your oral health and jaw bone quality to outline your options. Call the North Syracuse office for your dental implant consultation: (315) 452-1020.

By Atwal Dental Care
December 30, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Are you struggling with tooth loss? Here at Atwal Dental Care in North Syracuse, NY, offers a wide range of tooth replacement options, including dental implants, conventional dentures, and more. Why not save your oral function, speech, facial contours, and more with Dr. Inderpreet Atwal's ingenious smile solutions?

Reasons for replacing teeth

Loss of just a single tooth changes your appearance, speaking ability, biting/chewing functionality, bone structure, and even your overall self-esteem. Just look at the photos or X-rays of someone who has lost teeth to abscess, decay, accident or periodontal disease. The oral changes truly are devastating.

Consequently, tooth replacement must happen as soon as possible after extraction. With a detailed treatment plan in place, you're assured of your best bone health, oral function, and smile aesthetics. In particular, dental implants placed by your dentist in North Syracuse halts bone resorption and actually exercises the jaw bone so that it remains strong.

While bone maintenance is an exclusive feature of dental implants, other tooth replacements do significantly help oral function, speech, and facial contours. Together, you and Dr. Atwal will choose the prosthetic best for you.

Tooth replacement options

  • Dental implants Today's most sought-after choice, titanium implants bond with the underlying bone in the jaw, strengthening it, and providing secure, realistic biting and chewing. A metal post and porcelain crown finishes the single-tooth implant.
  • Implant-supported dentures An even number of dental implants—two, four, or six—-anchor a full or partial denture. Fixed and natural-feeling, these dentures improve jaw bone quality.
  • Partial dentures Traditional partials are made from acrylic and attach to remaining natural teeth with clasps. They are removable and ideal for replacement of two to six teeth on the upper or lower arch.
  • Immediate dentures Worn after dental extractions, these artificial teeth complete a smile right away and speed healing. They must be refit after six to eight weeks.
  • Full conventional dentures Your dentist places these artificial teeth after extraction sites have healed completely.
  • Fixed bridgework This appliance is not removable. Made of one or more pontic, or artificial, teeth, bridges attach to natural teeth with porcelain crowns. As such, the dentist reduces the size and shape of the abutment teeth.

Your new smile from Atwal Dental Care

Feel like yourself again with a smile remade by Dr. Inderpreet Atwal. Phone us today for an informative consultation on tooth replacement options: (315) 452-1020.