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By Atwal Dental Care
May 03, 2019
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Refresh your smile and appearance with professional whitening treatment.

Sure, you may end up forking over a little more for professional teeth whitening than you would for over-the-counter whitening treatments Teeth-Whiteningbut the results speak for themselves. Professional teeth whitening is the most effective way to deliver brighter and whiter smile results in a short period of time. Plus, our North Syracuse, NY, cosmetic dentist Dr. Inderpreet Atwal is there to supervise your treatment to make sure that you get the results you want.

What You Can Expect from In-Office Teeth Whitening

So, you’ve decided that it might be time to turn to professional teeth whitening to transform that dull, yellow smile into a vibrant set of pearly whites. This is definitely a job for our North Syracuse, NY, dentist. We’ve been helping countless patients get visibly whiter smiles with professional teeth whitening and you could also be a great candidate for this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Professional teeth whitening is usually completed in 60 minutes. During that time you can expect:

  • For our dentist to make a note of the current shade of your smile
  • To have a thorough dental cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of your teeth
  • A retractor to be placed into your mouth to expose your teeth and to protect cheeks, lips, and tongue from coming into contact with the bleaching solution
  • Teeth to be painted with a whitening solution, where hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide will work to break up stain molecules on tooth enamel
  • A special laser to be directed over your teeth to activate the peroxide within the gel
  • The bleaching solution to stay on your teeth anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes at a time (in some instances, the gel may be rinsed off and reapplied in 10-15 minute intervals)
  • Teeth to be rinsed once whitening treatment is over

Once your treatment is complete you will be able to compare your results with the shade of your teeth prior to treatment. It’s normal for teeth to become several shades whiter in just a single whitening session. After whitening, it’s important that you avoid any dark foods or drinks for at least 24 hours.

Atwal Dental Care in North Syracuse, NY, is dedicated to giving you a smile that you feel confident showing off. If you are interested in getting teeth whitening to improve the brilliance of your smile or ask any questions about cosmetic dentistry, then call us today for a consultation.